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Young adult communities are far more than running a program & most young adults aren't looking for another event that feels like hard work to get to - so how do you build a flourishing and life giving young adult ministry that builds lasting relationships, connects with your community, encourages real discipleship & has longevity?


We always want to set ourselves & each other up for success so we want our young adult communities to be consistent, sustainable & no one person's responsibility - if you're a young adult - you're it & so is your pal. 

So we put together a few ideas of simple things you can do to foster relationship, create community & come together! They're easy, cheap & anyone can make them happen with simple willingness to do so! Enjoy!

* movie nights at somebody's house

* pot luck dinner parties where everybody brings on thing to share

* worship night

* join or start a sports team

* have a bonfire

* throw a games night

* go for a hike

* have a sports day

* trivia game night

* international dinner party: everyone brings a different cuisine from around the world

* giant picnic at a local park or someones backyard - play games like finks

* roaming dinner party - each course is at a different persons house

* organise a group camping trip somewhere local

* do an escape room

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