We all know that creating a cool space isn't the most crucial part of your ministry, however I have come to learn that also doesn't mean it's completely irrelevant and unnecessary. It plays a role in your ministry just like every other aspect. I once read a really great article that reminded me to be intentional with the space God has provided for me.

What could I actually do with what had been put in my hands? We all have a different space, location, environment and culture, so it's important to stop and think about what works for your particular young people. 

I love the idea that you can purposefully create and orchestrate the space to further enhance the culture you want to set for your young people and to strengthen the message of Jesus' love.


If part of the culture you want to set is family, create a space that allows young people to connect on that level, facilitate relationship building with your activities, set up and run of the night. If you want to nurture creative young hearts, allow a space for them to explore that.

Whatever is it, be intentional about using your space as a tool to further facilitate it. 

I think young people are drawn to life. They are in that stage where they are craving and seeking out anything that slightly resembles real life. With this in mind - are we creating an atmosphere and environment that reflects the genuine, authentic real life that we have found with Jesus? Does it reflect joy, freedom or love? Could any young person; one who knows God and one who doesn't, walk into your ministry and taste the God flavours of the world?

We've come up with a few small areas of creating atmosphere to encourage you to explore this more. 

What is your culture? W hat do your kids need? And what physical elements could further facilitate this successfully? 

Yth.Min is also a seriously great resource with an extensive range of goods regarding youth ministry. I would highly encourage going to check it out! Link is down the bottom!


Pallets and crates are two really easy and really great resources for creating a space for young people to sit and hang out comfortable. Spread them out however you want, grab a few cushions to chuck on top and you're good to go.


Lighting can make a big difference to the environment you are providing for young people. Sometimes its not feasible to spend thousands on good lightings, but I have learned that a few floor lights, your basic rope lights and a few sets of fairy lights can go a long way. 


There are some seriously easy and cheap ways of creating an interesting and creative space for young people to come into. One of the things that we have started doing is just decking out an entire wall with posters and creative designs that are encouraging and speak life. So the kids are not only hearing it but also seeing it. 

Another basic and super easy thing is just to deck the walls with the glitter garlands or crape paper garlands. It is easy, bright and lifts the vibe and looks stellar as a photo backdrop!