God is constantly speaking, moving, working, moulding us and teaching us things. The closer we lean into him and all that he is, the more he reveals to us and makes us more like him in the process. we believe that there is power is sharing your stories - so here are some things God has been teaching us. read them. soak them up. reflect on them in your own life. make space to sit on them. make space to think about your own journey with god and the things he is showing you or speaking to you about. and if god has done something before, that means it is in his nature and his character and that he can do it again - so if you are in need of breakthrough or freedom in any of the areas talked about on this page - take it as a promise that god can do it in your heart too! be encourage, refreshed and equipped to do deeper with him! 

sam hayes


The biggest thing I learned last year was to open up more and trust that the truth and being open was important for myself and for my relationship with Good; and He helped me see that. I think, just trusting that being truthful to what you're facing is important to share and see support and guidance. Not just bottling it up and trying to sort things out for yourself. It says in the bible that two are better than one and so I've learned ti seek those around me that love me to help me face issues.  

sam dennis


So often our focus is distracted by what is going on around us. We see what God is doing in the lives and ministries of others. It can be easy to start applying new strategies, programs, and principles and try to achieve what we see as 'success'. Comparison becomes a cancer for what God wants to do in our own lives. We see God move for someone else, and our heart desires to see Him move in our own lives. Yet, rather than go to God and was on Him, we try to replicate what we have seen. 

What God has revealed to me is that comparison doesn't lead to life, it leads to death. If we truly want to see God move, then our hearts must be drawn to the creator of life itself, to read His word and to apply it to our lives. Proverbs 16:9 says'In their hearts, humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps." 

You see - we can make plans and strategise, but at the end of the day, it is God's plan that will prevail. Why not join Him in He is already doing? It may look different. It may require faith, but His plans are far, far more exciting than what we can even imagine! Trust God. Read his word. Follow His calling. And watch as He begins to move in your life!

beka dennis


One of the biggest things I learned in 2019 is that God can use me just as I am, and he can use you just as you are. You actually don't have to be perfect for your life to count and for God to start using you to love your family and your friends. I have discovered that all God needs is a heart that is willing to love people and do real life with people - get in their mess with them, sit in the dirt with them, cry with them, laugh with them, celebrate with them, lean in for victories with them. Be Jesus to them. Be a part of their world, and let Jesus be Jesus and make himself known as you live out an authentic life with Him. When you are walking closely with Jesus, you will look like Him naturally. As you start to look more and more like Him, people notice and things start to change around you. He just wants you, as you are, humble, teachable, available and willing to love. Come as you are. 

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