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Scissors, Paper, Rock



In the middle of your room/field place a rope to divide the area. Break your youth in 2 teams and get each team to stand in the two zones. 

The teams then decide whether they are going to be scissors, paper or rock. 

Call both teams to the line so they are facing each other. The leader then yells out scissors, paper, rock. When rock is shouted each team must use their hands to demonstrate whether they are scissors, paper or rock. 

The team that plays the strongest hand can then grab members of the opposite team and bring them over to their side of the rope. The loosing team must try make it back to the base before getting caught. 

*Rock beats Scissors 

Scissors beats Paper 

Paper beats Rock 

Glow in the Dark Hockey



Go to a discount store or eBay and purchase a few hundred or thousand glow sticks depending on the amount of people playing the game. 

Divide the glow sticks up into colours (or colour tones) these will be the team colours. 

Sticky tape some glow sticks to a ball and the goals with good quality sticky tape. Use newspaper to make 2 hockey sticks.

Give the teams their glow sticks and some sticky tape and get them to stick the glow sticks onto themselves. Then get the 2 teams to sit on either side of the field/room and give them a number. 

Turn out the lights and get a leader to call out a number. The player from each team runs out and tries to score a goal.


*You can also play soccer, basketball, netball, keepies off with the same process.  

Musical Chairs Stacks On 



Set up two lines of chairs facing back to back. Get the young people to stand around the chairs making sure there is only 6 chairs for every 10 people playing. 

Start some music and get the kids to walk around the chairs with their hands behind their backs. When the music stops the kids have to be on a chair so that their feet are not touching the ground. There is no limit to the amount of people on the one chair and any body part can be touching the chair/s so long as there feet are not on the floor. 

The leaders then counts to 3 and whoever has fallen off during that time is out. 

Remove more chairs and continue playing the game until there is a winner. 

Bucket Hold



Break into teams of no more then 7. Get each group to lie down on their backs in a circle with their feet facing into the middle.

Each team has a bucket that they must hold up with their feet. A leader then comes and fills each bucket with the same amount of water. The team must hold the bucket up and the leader continues to fill the buckets. 

If a team drops the bucket they are out and they will also get wet. 



Milk crates, cord/rope, helmets, masking tape. 

This game is a race. The aim is for your competitors to get from the start to finish, as quickly as possible. The way that your contestants get to the end is by running on crates, or essentially giant platform crate shoes. 

Rope/ cord is tied from one side of the crate to the other, providing contestants with something to hold and apply pressure with. This ensures that crate stays on the bottom of the contestants foot and allows them to walk/ run steadily. Make sure they are wearing helmets and protective gear at all times. 

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Challenge in a Balloon



Fill balloons with small challenges and put in a room or designated area. 

Break your young people into teams and get one person from each team to grab a balloon and pop it in front of their team. The team or members of the team must complete the challenge before getting another balloon. 

Set a timer to make it more competitive and see how many challenges each team can do in the set time. It always works best if the challenges include trivia, consuming a bag of disgusting food/drinks, singing a song, a team activity like building a human pyramid, solving a problem, a physical challenge etc. This way all team members can contribute. 


It's dodgeball with a twist. To start, everyone must have a hand on a nerf ball. Throw the ball up in the air and everyone scatters. Somebody grabs the ball in the air or off the ground. Whoever has the ball can only take two steps. After two steps, the player must through the ball - dodgeball style - at another player. If the ball hits a player, that player sits down right where they are. But, they can still play, they just cant move from their seated spot. 

If a player is hit by the ball and catches it, then the throwing player sits down. At any time sitting players can snag the ball if it rolls by, and they can throw it at standing players trying to get them out. 

The game ends when only one player is standing.  


A great messy game to begin your night with.. One player lies down on the ground with an ice cream cone in their mouth while the rest of the ream relays back and froth with a spoon full of ice cream to build the ice cream cone. Once it is complete, the player has to eat the entire ice cream cone without using their hands. You can also add in a judge who will compare all the ice cream cones to see which one is the best looking.

Best when played outside on a hot day where the ice cream can melt!



Porridge, overalls/ large pants. 

This game can either be played as an up front game or as an all play game. Either bright 4 people up the front or break your group up into even team of 4-6. Each team nominates one volunteer. Each volunteer puts on a very large paid or overalls or pants (way too big for them). Duct tape the bottom of the pant legs to their ankles. 

The remaining group members are given a quiz. For each correct answer, nothing happens. Each correct answer results in the volunteer getting a bowl full of cold porridge poured down their pants. 

When all the quiz questions are finished or all the porridge is poured, have the volunteers run around an obstacle course with their squelching porridge filled pants on. 


Players stand or sit in the circle and one player starts the game by saying 'zip'. The starting player specifies the direction they are sending the zip. The person next to the starting player then says 'zip', as does the following player and so on. When the noise comes to any player, they have the option of saying 'bong' instead which sends the noise back in the opposite direction. 

What makes the game interesting is that players are not allowed to show their teeth at any point in the game. Players who show their teeth at any point in the game. Players who show their teeth or make a noise out of turn are eliminated from the game. 


This game works best with smaller groups, so if you have a larger group then split and play multiple games. 

Each person should write down the names of 10 people, either famous people or people everyone in the group knows. Only one name to each piece of paper. Gather all the pieces of paper in a basket or hat. 

This game has three rounds. 


One member of the team gets the basket of names, picks out a name, and has to try and describe that person to the other members of his team. Once they guess correctly, pull out another name from the hat and so on. The team has one minute to gig through as many names as they can. If they get stuck on a name, they can pass and move onto the next name. 

Names that are guessed successfully are put in a separate pile, and those that are passed are put back in the basket. When the minute is up, add up the total number of nam es guessed, and add that to the team's score. Move onto the next team who do the same. 


Similar to round 1, but you can only use one word to describe the person to your group. The group will be aware of all the names in the basket so it is easier than it sounds. 


Same as previous rounds, but that time, you have to act our the person without speaking. Add up the scores at the end to see who wins. 


Split your group into two terms. Set up the room with a divider down the middle and play life size battleship. Have people lie down on the floor like battleships and use a beach ball as a bomb. One person from each group is designated the thrower. If the ball hits someone on the fulll, their ship sinks. The object of the game is to knock out all ships from the opposing team. 

Milk + Orange Juice Chug



Before you start this one you have to be aware that it is very likely that at least one person will vomit after participating in the game. So have bins at the ready. 

This is a good game for people to watch and cheer on team members. 

Get some volunteers up on the stage or out the front. Get them to chug 1L of milk, followed by 1L of orange juice. The orange juice curdles the milk and the result is typically projectile vomit.   

You can achieve a similar result by chugging 2L of milk and no orange juice. 


Egg Drop



Get young people to find a partner. One partner puts on a blind fold and lays on the ground. 

If you are playing with multiple people get them to lay in a line preferably with their heads on a tarp or garbage bag. 

The other partner is given a cup with a raw egg in it. From a standing position they have to try and drop the raw egg into the mouth of the person lying on the ground. 

If you are doing this as a group get a leader to ask the people lying on the ground to open their mouth and say ready, set, go so as everyone drops the egg at the same time. 

*Check for allergies before playing this game. 


Skittle box is just a ridiculous game that uses everyone's favourite small, chewable, colourful, pure sugar lollies, Skittles! 



A tarp

Duct tape


To roll around on the ground covered in reversed tape and collect as many skittles as possible within 1 minute. 

Lay out the tarp where you intend to play the game, assure its a level surface. Scatter the Skittles out across the area and assure you have leaders ready to help wrap the contestants up in tape as this can take a while. 

This can be a group game or just an upfront game, depending on what your are doing for. If you choose teams then from your teams you will need a volunteer from each and this person will get completely wrapped from neck to toes in tape with the sticky side on the outside and the arms taped to their body also. 

A time limit of 1 minute to actually collect the skittles it usually a good amount. 

Once the time is up, count the skittles collected from each team and declare a winner. 

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Take the classic game of twister and put a quality food twist on it. The best part about this game is that it almost always ends up in some sort of food fight with people throwing different paper plates of food at each other. Be sure to place the paper plates at a tough distance away from each other so the players have plenty of trouble staying upright. 


Give everyone a paper plate and a marker. Have students put the plates on their hearts, give them an object or action and give them 60 seconds to draw it while holding the plate on their heads. At the end of the 60 seconds, they must share the picture and the rest of the group must try and guess it. 

Could work with larger groups as a team game. 


For each team, you need a frozen set of clothes; one shirt and one pair of pants. 

Fold the clothes and submerge the clothes in a tray or container full of water overnight. 

Give one to each team, and it is the first team to heaver a team member put on the full outfit first that wins. 


Divide your group into teams of 3 or 4. 

Each group gets a balloon covered in shaving cream and a razor. The aim of the game is to shave the balloon. First group to complete the task is the winner.

The trick is - when the balloon breaks, the shaving cream will go everywhere. 

Links to good games websites: 


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