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We recently announced a new initiative that will be launched in Feb 2024. The Interns is a pathway for young people to explore accredited ministry courses, in a cohort with other young people from within the CRC movement, all across Australia. Find out more on The Interns page. 

RevGen Theology Masterclasses is another initiative launching early 2024. These will be zoom classes held focussing on different theology topics and CRC distinctive teachings. Each class/ topic with run for 4 consecutive weeks, with a 1 hour class each week. More information and opportunity for sign up to come short.

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The Road Ahead is a resource we launched at this years National Conference. Originally written by Ken Legg and visually re-imaged by the RevGen team, this 10 week study covers all the faith basics you need. This resources is a great tool for you and your teams. We are in the process of making this available for sale here along with getting the videos that partner with it finalised! Stay tuned..

National Conference 2024

1st - 3rd October, 2024.

Kingston City Church, Victoria

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